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Some features of Xperia Z4

Below you will find some features of a Smartphone that can be your

  • A great design

    SONY designers have made every effort to make their child meets rigorous fashion trends and they succeeded. Sony Xperia Z4 looks really great.

  • Water resistance

    Sony Xperia Z4 is completely waterproof. You don't need to worry about is that your phone damage due to flooding.

  • Full integration

    Xperia Z4 is fully integrated with sharing. This makes it easier to share brilliant content with friends.

  • Brilliant screen

    The Smartphone is equipped with a sensor which SONY sector, and implemented for the first time. The effects are stunning.

  • Multi-asking

    Components of our Smartphone to easily cope with the tasks that require skoncetrowania resources in different sections.

  • Great opportunities

    Latest Android installed on our Smartphone is flexible enough that any user will adjust it to suit your needs.

Touch of innovation

Sony Xperia Z4 is the undisputed leader of the innovation on the market.
Has the strongest available podzezpoły and uses the latest technologies that make use of this phone is pure pleasure.

Beauty and elegance

Xperia Z4 is the last SONY flagship. In the foreground stand out here, excellent camera, screen and terribly strong components and makes every game or application is no challenge for the Z4. There is also no secret that despite the highly advanced technology, this phone is also waterproof. So from the point of use, it will meet its function.

Sony is not in default last from presenting the new flagship models, but in this case we have relative to the predecessor a lot of changes. The most important is the emergence of a powerful, 8-core processor Snapdragon 810, who got here to help up to 4 GB of RAM to guarantee very high performance. Smartphone can boast a very good camera and housing for the whole structure resistance to harmful effects of water.

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